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The Super MoneyMaker pump. Photo: Kickstart.
The Super MoneyMaker pump in Mali. Photo: Kickstarting Livelihoods with Improved Water Management
The Super MoneyMaker pump detailed drawing of parts. Photo:MoneyMaker Pumps: Creating Wealth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Super MoneyMaker Pressure Pump was launched in October 1998, in response to a demand by farmers for a pump that can push water uphill as well as simply pulling it up from the source. This means it is suitable for use on steeply sloping land where the water source may be at the bottom. Thousands use it to pump water from hand-dug wells, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds. It is ideal for sprinkler irrigation, filling overhead water tanks, or for use with nozzles and sprays attached to the end of the delivery hose. This powerful pump can draw water up from 23 feet (7m) and has a total pumping head of 46 feet (14m). It can be used to irrigate up to 2 acres of land.

It is essentially the Treadle pump by design. The Pump sucks the water to the cylinder, then pressurizes it, sending it through a crude sprinkler over the crop. The pump installation is not fixed and the pump can be moved around.

The Super MoneyMaker Pump is KickStart's best-selling pump with over 163,200 sold to date.

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Number of pumps in various countries

Number of MoneyMaker Pumps in Various Countries, 1996–June 2009. Chart: MoneyMaker Pumps: Creating Wealth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Suitable conditions

Pumping depth (Lift): max 9 m
Cylinder diameter: 121mm
Stroke: Variable about 120 mm
Yield: (75 watt input, at 5 m head) ~ 3 m³/hour
Population/Area served: 0.1 hectare
Type of well: River or pond

Construction, operation and maintenance


Pump cylinders: (or junction box): Pump Manifold: fabricated from 2.5mm steel sheet; Non-return Valves: two pairs of non-return valves, one on the inlet side of the pump and another on the outlet. The valve type is flapper type, made of circular rubber; Piston Assembly: Piston-mild steel with plastic seal (cup Seal); The piston assembly constitutes the piston rod made of 25mm x 6mm and 5.5mm thick rubber seals (cups); Treadles: are made of box section steel.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation of the Money Maker pump is easy and does not need any lifting equipment or special tools. This pump has an excellent potential for maintenance by the users. All repairs can be done without the use of tools.

Field experiences

Mahmoud Guindo

Mahmoud Guindo has struggled for years to make ends meet. The 48-year-old Malian from Dogon Country was a victim of living on credit and borrowing from friends. He moved to Mali’s capital Bamako eleven years ago in search of work to support his wife and children. He began working as a security guard in a private residence and gardening a 150 sq meter plot of land not far from his home. But he says it was never enough to cover his basic needs of food, clothes and medicine for his four children.

Mahmoud’s average salary as a security guard is 200,000 CFA per year, or approximately $US400. To increase his annual income, he decided to build a bigger garden, but he was skeptical about how he would water a larger plot of land. Then he said he saw an advertisement about Kickstart's Money Maker irrigation pump, known locally as “nafasoro,” on television and decided to buy it. He didn’t have the money, so he approached his boss for a loan. Both men agreed it was a tangible asset that would provide a profitable and quick return of investment.

Mahmoud bought the pump in October of 2008. Since then he has almost doubled his annual income from $US400 to $US700 by selling fruits and vegetables.

The additional cash flow is allowing him to pay off some debts while being able to provide for his family.


The Super MoneyMaker pump costs about US$ 100. The smaller alternative, the MoneyMaker hip pump costs about US$ 35.

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KickStart’s micro-irrigation pumps are available for distribution throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Super MoneyMaker pumps are available for purchase in multiples of two (2) with two (2) pumps being the minimum order.

The minimum MoneyMaker Hip Pump order is 5 pumps. Individual pumps can be picked up in person at our offices or retail shops in Kenya, Tanzania, and Mali.

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