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Nothing is more valuable than organisations meeting, networking and helping other organisations. Below we have a few resources which will get you started in finding a full variety of WASH-related organisations.

  • Rainwater harvesting sources. A list of 45 NGOs, government organizations, and some private companies that focus on rainwater harvesting programs, policies, and supplies.

  • Rainwater for Food Security. Here you will find a globally-oriented network for people and organisations active in the field of rainwater harvesting. You can search, contact and link to relevant NGOs, government authorities, private sector actors, donors and experts working in your region and/or in your field of expertise.

Water4ages logo.png
  • H20 ORGANIZATIONS. Water For the Ages. Here are over 70 organizations (community, academic, governmental, funding, and more) working on water and sanitation issues in multiple countries around the world. Organizations were chosen for this list if they worked in two or more countries globally.

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  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene links. UNICEF. UNICEF works with a wide range of partners in the area of water and sanitation. Here is a selection of some of these, and other institutions, agencies or services active in the sector.

Knowledge and research centers

Northern Europe


  • Ecopsis, Switzerland. ECOPSIS is a consultancy firm specializing in sanitation.
  • Wash for Life, Netherlands. WASH for life is a private consultancy, established in 2010.
  • EarthWater Global EarthWater Technologies Inc. (ETI) is a water exploration and development company with a unique technology and track record spanning forty years. ETI develops previously overlooked, large-scale, sustainable fresh groundwater resources called "Megawatersheds" and delivers water at lower all-in cost than all other alternatives.
  • Oasis Water Purification Tablets, UK manufacturer of chlorine tablets specialising in supply to NGO's and Social Marketing Organisations