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Logo Agromisa.JPG
Location: Wageningen, The Netherlands
Type: NGO
Class: International NGO
Key work: information,
knowledge transfer,

Agromisa was established in 1934, and is linked to Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands. Agromisa’s aim is to exchange knowledge information on small-scale sustainable agriculture and related topics. The target group is the underprivileged population in rural areas. Agromisa's main objective is to strengthen the self-reliance of the target group and to improve their livelihood by sharing experience and knowledge. Agromisa's role in this is a supportive one, which implies that we they are not a donor organisation, nor projects funders. It is Agromisa's belief that the gap between formal scientific knowledge and informal (farmers) knowledge should be bridged. To achieve this, Agromisa collaborates with intermediary organisations.

Agromisa has shaped a question and answer service where you can write for advice, literature, etc. Furthermore 30 practically oriented publications were produces to help you during your field work: the Agrodok-publications. Agromisa also provides training on participation in local development.

Main activities

  • Resource information
    • Agrodok Series: "Best Practices" booklets
    • Free of charge library and Question-and-Answer service
    • Training workshops
  • Networking for Agricultural Knowledge Sharing (NAKS) program
  • Biodiversity project
  • InterSard project

External links

Agromisa website