The Movement Design Bureau

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The Movement Design Bureau
MDB logo2.jpg
Location: London, United Kingdom
Type: Commercial
Class: Network organisation
Key work: International network,
information exchange
and knowledge transfer,
business development

The Movement Design Bureau is a for-profit design and communications think tank that works with entrepreneurs, corporates and public and academic institutions.

It was founded in 2005 by Mark Charmer, a British communications expert.

The company was one of the founding investors in Akvo and today manages communications activity on behalf of the Akvo Foundation.

Work focuses on design innovation and communications strategy, supporting influential technology firms, designers and business leaders. The team specialises in managing programmes that rethink how we move, how we build sustainable cities, and how we interact with the built environment. Across all of these areas, it works to redesign collaboration processes, expand participation, strip away constraints and foster open knowledge sharing.