Rainwater club

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Rainwater Club
Location: Bangalore, India
Type: NGO
Class: Knowledge organisation
Key work: Rainwater harvesting
Website: rainwaterclub.org

The Rainwater Club is an independent NGO led by Vishwanath Srikantaiah, an expert in ecological water and sanitation, particularly Rainwater Harvesting.


The organisation works directly with villagers, farmers and agriculturists in partnership with local development groups, particularly in and around Bangalore, India. Srikantaiah also works on related issues in China. Members speak, write and teach on best practice rainwater harvesting and other ecological processes such as water recycling and ecological sanitation.

Current or recent programmes

An online open well survey is underway, focused on Bangalore. [1]

Available online tools include a rainwater calculator, that helps calculate how much rain can be harvested and recharged from a building.

It runs a regularly maintained blog on related themes. [2]

It collates relevant reports that are made available online. [3]