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Knowing what motivates people to improve their sanitation can lead to on-site wastewater treatment systems that will be utilized and maintained. Use this section to plan your evidence-gathering activities and then use the evidence to plan your project.


Effective promotions campaigns help to raise the level of awareness of sanitation issues while driving the demand and raising the willingness to pay for services. Please also refer to SuSanA's WG 9b Factsheet on Public Awareness Raising & Sanitation Marketing.

Starting the Development Process

Before choosing suitable treatment technologies two steps have to be followed: the source characterization and the site evaluation.

Source Characterization

Before you can design a wastewater system, you must first accurately determine the characteristics of the wastewater. If you do not, you may undersize it, in which case it will surely fail, or if you oversize it, you will waste money. In order to get an overview of important characterization criteria, have a look at the Source Characterization section.

To get started, you will need to download the "Source Characterization Tool" by clicking the link below. Follow the 8 steps below along with the tool to help you characterize your source. Within the tool, click the “Info” buttons for more information on a specific topic, or click the “Step” buttons to work your way through the tool. Here are the steps within the tool:

Source Characterization Tool (.xlsm, File 01)

Site Evaluation

Site evaluation is critical to planning your onsite wastewater treatments systems project. Without an adequate site evaluation the implemented systems are more likely to fail. Get an idea of the most important site attributes in the Site Evaluation section.

A Site Evaluation Tool guides you through the process of evaluating the setting of your project. Download the tool linked below and follow the steps below for the information you will need as you use the tool.

Site Evaluation Tool (.xlsm, File 02)