Community Exchange - Rainwater Harvesting

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Welcome to Community Exchange - Rainwater Harvesting!

This exchange is a catalog of conversations about rainwater harvesting topics all around the world. The topics are sourced from the RWSN Dgroups website where the full conversation is shown. Here you will find shared experiences and best practices on rainwater harvesting technology and management.

We encourage everyone to add to the conversation! Just select the "Discussion" tab above on the topic page you want to add to, and type your comments. Some of these discussions will be minimally edited & added to the general conversation of a topic, if found to provide additional, useful information. Privacy is respected, as we will only use a contributor's initial of their first name after each conversation block. If you'd like to take a step further and join the Dgroups, go here and become a member, where you can receive emails (optional) of the live conversations directly to your inbox.