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Widely used by the humanitarian organisations involved in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters, large scale emergencies or refugee camps, where simple, low-cost, rapid response testing of the basic water quality parameters is essential to determine the safety of the water supply. Photo: Wagtech.
Ultra-portable, lightweight, kit for the analysis of both microbiological and physico-chemical water quality parameters. Specially designed for the NGOs and village technicians operating in difficult remote terrains, where vehicle access is not always an option and on–site analysis is essential. Photo: Wagtech.
For long term monitoring or surveillance, where cost and time are not the main factors, and where a greater emphasis is placed upon obtaining more accurate results, a more comprehensive testing solution may be appropriate. The Potalab, Wagtech's top-end portable laboratory, is quite simply the most complete water testing resource available today. It features a full suite of sophisticated digital instruments and unique Arsenic testing capability.

With a focus on the developing world, and in partnership with some of the major organisations operating in the WATSAN field, Wagtech is helping to make widespread, affordable and accurate testing a reality. This testing can take many forms. From simple, low cost testing in a rapid response emergency situation, to more advanced, longer term surveillance, Wagtech has a kit that will allow you to determine the quality of your water, quickly and easily.

A key factor in the success we have enjoyed with these organisations is the additional after-sales support we can offer. A frequent component of our supply programme is the ability to provide local, in-country training on the kits, directly to the end-user. We have a number of highly skilled staff who travel all over the world to carry out training in diverse locations such as Darfur in Sudan, Bande Aceh in Indonesia and Pyongyang in North Korea.

Portable test kits: microbiological, physio-chemical, multi-parameter, arsenic only.

For further details of these and other products in our monitoring range please refer to our website - www.wagtech.co.uk


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Water and Environmental surveys frequently require the analysis to be carried out in remote areas. The use of a well equipped mobile laboratory (shown above) is often the ideal solution. More and more they are becoming widely used, especially in developing countries, where accurate results are required quickly, usually in areas where no fixed laboratory facilities exist.