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This Sector Investment Plan is an Excel spreadsheet for use by the water and sanitation sector in developing countries (Fonseca, et al.). It was developed in 2005 by PEM Consult for a disaggregated cost study in Kenya with the support of the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank (WSP) and the Kenyan Ministry of Water and Irrigation.

The associated study presents a step by step methodology for developing sector investment plans.
Some critical steps include (Fonseca, et al.):

  • estimation of disaggregated costs based on bill of quantities,
  • documentation of disaggregated costs based on actual expenditure, and
  • development of generic expenditure functions.

The spreadsheet developed for this study was used to estimate the costs of different water and sanitation technologies in the seven areas falling under the responsibility of Water Service Boards in Kenya. The spreadsheet is set up to include hardware costs (including rehabilitation and replacement), operation and maintenance, direct support costs such as design and support, community mobilisation and hygiene promotion. Rehabilitation costs include both depreciation and renovation (due to backlog in maintenance).

Data can be analysed using per capita and per cubic metre costs. The various technologies costs are calculated according to a standard bill of quantities and compares these costs with the actual cost of projects that have been implemented or planned in Kenya over the previous five to ten years.

Key documents

Assessment Tools

  • Tandon P., Pizarro G., 2006. Water and Sanitation Needs Assessment Tool for use in assessing national needs to achieve the MDGs. United Nations Development Program (UNDP).
  • Ravikumar, J. et al., 2009. The City Sanitation Plan, Database and spreadsheet. South Asia: Water and Sanitation Program.