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This article page covers sources for plastic water tanks all around the world. Sometimes plastic tanks are a better choice for rainwater harvesting systems.


  • Rainharvest. Rainharvest is an authorized JoJo Water Tank dealer in South Africa.

S1000 tank.jpg

The s1000 liter tank.

V1000 tank.jpg

The v1000 liter tank.

V2500 tank.jpg

The v2500 liter tank.

  • PolyTanks. Selling rainwater, septic, and multi-purpose tanks from Kenya.
Cylinder tanks.jpg
Cylinder horz tanks.png


Sintex. Selling rainwater harvesting tanks of all sizes in India.

India plastic tanks.jpg

North America / Caribbean

RainHarvest Systems. Selling complete rainwater harvesting systems to the US, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Rainharvest systems.jpg

Global tanks

The Rainwater H2OG. Selling compact rainwater harvesting tanks world wide:
Australia / New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK / Europe, Korea, Japan, Mexico / Latin America, and the Philippines.

Rainwater hog.png

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