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Oxfam tanks. Photo: Butyl Products Catalog.

These specially developed commercial tanks for emergency aid use pre-positioned inlet, outlet & drain valves and a drinking water approved liner - these tanks are suitable for use in emergency and disaster situations worldwide. Our Oxfam demountable tank kits are dispatched complete with assembly instructions, tools, accessories and repair kits. Packed for delivery worldwide.

These are the water storage tanks of choice where large capacity and a 'depth' of treated water is required. For example, for 'in-tank' treatment where settlement and chlorination mixing is required. The depth of water gives a positive pressure head which enables gravity fed distribution.

Suitable conditions

  • The tanks need no base structure so they can be built on any flat ground.
  • Suitable for all climates.
  • Erected by 3 people within 8 hours.

Construction, operations and maintenance

Tank Body

The main tank structure comprises 0.80m wide x 3.05m long panels of 22 swg. (0.80mm) corrugated galvanised steel which are punched and curved to suit the tank size. Galvanised round headed bolts with washers and nuts are provided to assemble the steel panels to form a ring of the required diameter and height. The top edge of the steel is protected by a circular plastic capping piece.

Tank Lining

The lining comprises a fully welded watertight bag sized to suit the tank. The lining provided for the harsh environment of emergency aid is a 1.25mm thick nylon reinforced synthetic rubber approved for the storage of drinking water.

A liner is held in position at the top of the tank by clamping between two capping pieces and locking in position using spring clips.

Tank Fittings

3" BSP (M) through tank inlet/outlets are provided for inlet, outlet and drain connections. The outlet is bolted to the tank body and sealed to the tank lining. 3" BSP (F) gate valves are supplied for use with the outlets and ball valves are available for the inlet.

Tank Roofs

The standard 'Emergency Aid' roof comprises a central pole and a PVC conical cover that is tensioned by ropes to the outside of the tank body. An access flap is provided.

Galvanised steel roofs are available for extreme environments and where tank security is paramount. A locking access panel is provided in all steel roofs.

Manuals, videos and links

To inquire about or purchase an Oxfam tank

Oxfam Emergency Aid Water Tanks - purchase.