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The mesh reservoir by MSF.

Used by MSF due to transportability and relative ruggedness. Reservoirs are not specifically made for emergency purposes.

NOTE: Weight and price were really the main advantages of these tanks. There has been mixed feedback on these tanks, but they were mainly driven by personal opinions rather than true technical feedback. They were almost considered as disposable tanks that could be used and left behind as they were not truly made to be repacked. The problem with repacking was that the mesh was machine pressed in their boxes (to reduce volume) which was impossible to achieve when repacking so the mesh was taking much more space. Liner is PVC and really thin. Some tanks have been lasting for years, so they were not as bad as their reputation. These tanks are still produced in South Africa but they are not at MSF specifications which included a roof and Guillemin couplings, plus an overflow and 2 outlets.

Advantages Disadvantages
- price
- easy to transport available in larger sizes
- suitable for all common water treatment processes
- difficult to repack
- liner is relatively fragile (no 3-inch outlet)

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