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The Kardia pump. Photo: Lifewater.ca
The Kardia pump. Photo: Lifewater.ca
Dismantling the whole pump. Photo: PUMPENBOESE GMBH&Co

The Kardia hand pump is made in Germany and is precision constructed for sustained, reliable performance in areas where there is little hand pump maintenance. Although expensive, children can easily use this hand pump to obtain a steady flow of water from depths greater than 30 meters. These factors makes this hand pump an ideal choice for use in large, remote villages and in crowded refugee camps.

Construction, operation and maintenance

Below is some technical information about the Kardia pump:

‰Lever Operated Lift Pump for up to 60 metres setting in a borehole of 3” to 6”

  • Minimum borehole diameter - 100mm (Kardia K 65)
  • Minimum borehole diameter - 80mm (Kardia K 50 VA)
  • Maximum borehole diameter - 150mm

‰Meets V.L.O.M requirements (village level operated maintenance)
‰Pump performance:

  • 62 mm cylinder at 36m setting
  • Capacity - 0.45 litres/stroke
  • Output basis 50 full strokes / minute - 1350 litres/hour
  • 50 mm cylinder at 45m setting
  • Capacity - 0.28 litres/stroke
  • Output basis 50 full strokes / minute - 840 litres/hour

‰Stainless steel 50mm cylinder for up to 45m setting on special request.
‰Centralisers - required for larger boreholes or wells (special request).

Manuals, videos and links

To inquire about or purchase this pump

GmbH & Co. KG
Mr. Stefan Ernst, SBF Kardia
Moorebeerenweg 1
D-31228 Peine, Germany

Phone: +49 5171 294 123
Fax: +49 5171 294 111

Newman Impex Private Limited
Mr. Rashpal Singh
OPP.Shoor Market, Kala Sangha Road
Basti Sheikh, Jalandhar - 2 pb, India

Phone: +91 181 2439092, 2439038
Fax: +91 181 2439044
E-mail: gandg@jla.vsnl.net.in