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September 19, 2015
Piped water scheme changes the lives of Odisha villagers
Bandhabhuin village went from having 1 handpump for 400 people to 7, toilet facilities in 55% of the houses and had an overall improvement in its social and economic fabric.
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March 25, 2015
Constructed wetlands as a cost effective cleaning option
Water treated using constructed wetlands before being used for irrigation can be a suitable and cost effective option to prevent possible human health risks.
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March 19, 2015
Can Madurai's dying tanks be revived?
Yes, say the authors, but not before these tanks are recognized in a manner befitting their past glory: as prized resources that provided water to the city even though it had no perennial rivers.
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January 21, 2015
Can GIS rescue South India's deteriorating tank systems?
Eris or tanks in Tamil Nadu, which once provided water for drinking and irrigation, are in disrepair today. Can technology help restore them?
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October 25, 2010
Water conservation - Villagers in Mudhol and Tumkur build water tank on their own
When a family in Mudhol taluk decided not to depend on government schemes and instead built a tank with their hard-earned money, the water table shot up and borewells in the vicinity were recharged.