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September 7, 2015
Local water storage in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
How can the massive quantities of rain falling during the four-month monsoon period be stored so that it can be used over the entire year in the Hindu Kush Himalayan region?
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August 27, 2015
Water poverty in a Mumbai slum: The importance of quantity and reliability of delivery
Water service delivery failures can negatively impact household economy, employment, education, quality of life, social relationships, community cohesion, and people’s sense of political inclusion.
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July 13, 2015
Water privatisation, a failed model?
JUSCO, India's largest water supply developer, has failed to provide water connections in many parts of India. Water must be treated as a non-commercial entity if there is to be equity in access.
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March 23, 2015
Punjab's groundwater crisis: A by-product of the govt's short sighted policies?
As long as electricity is improperly priced and farmers get the MSP for rice, they will not take up maize cultivation. This will lead to further deterioration of groundwater.
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March 2, 2015
Keepers of a complex irrigation system in Bihar
The Ahar Pynes irrigation systems were originally built and managed by the Zamindars of South Bihar. How does the system function today and who is responsible for it?