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May 27, 2015
How has water privatisation affected Chhattisgarh?
The Mahanadi's longest tributary, the Shivnath, has borne the brunt of urbanisation and industrialisation but the impact has been felt the most by residents. We capture their story in pictures.
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December 16, 2014
Traditional fishing technologies: Will they survive the onslaught of development and mechanisation?
Age-old skills and techniques used by fisherfolk are under threat, and at the risk of being replaced by modern unsustainable technologies.
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March 25, 2014
Their land lost to a dam, 2,000 farmers take to fishing -- in cages
The rush for caged fish culture of one variety has created a glut in the market, crashing prices. How will the farmer-fishermen cope?
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February 16, 2014
A new vision for Himalayan streams
Fish found in streams and rivers are a source of food to about 40% of the households in parts of the Himalayas. Including fisheries in local watershed management is crucial.
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October 11, 2012
Damaged rivers, collapsing fisheries: Impacts of dams on riverine fisheries in India - Article by SANDRP
This article looks at the devastating impacts of dams, barrages and hydrological modifications on the fisheries sector in India