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1Plan-Do-Check-Act Deming circle, also known as the Shewart cycle, since Deming claimed he took the idea from him. Later Deming changed it to be Plan-Do-Study-Act, but the first version seems more popular and has become the defacto standard.

Learning is important for all other ICZM topics.

It is important to ensure the updating of knowledge and skills within the organization and to anchor what is learned. You can gain updated knowledge from various sources. It is wise to once in a while train the staff so they understand the latest developments and have the needed knowledge and skills. Universities can provide training and information (in Central Java this is UNDIP) and knowledge can be hired. Also, UNDIP will be involved to see how they can facilitate Central Java Province with training and knowledge.

PDCA [edit | edit source]

To learn as an organization and assess whether the organization is doing the right things it is useful to establish a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. After a project phase is finished it is important to evaluate and learn from these lessons. What went well and should be integrated into new projects as well, what went wrong and should be avoided next time.

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