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The Akvo team is committed to making the Akvopedia a great source of useful information, with the goal of helping to improve water and sanitation projects. But we cannot do it without you, because you might be the person who has the local knowledge, the person who is or knows an expert in a specific technology, or have great pictures or movies of a technology. We need you!

Akvopedia is open source, and anybody can edit it or use our content. You too! Just follow this graphical guide to get you started. More detailed information about editing wiki articles is available in the help pages: Help:Contents

Editorial support

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Do you have quality content that you would like to contribute to Akvopedia, but lack the time or resources to upload it? Akvopedia offers free editorial services and always appreciates suggestions and links to expand our WASH wiki. Please contact our editor Winona Azure at winonaAt Thank you for visiting!

Creating new pages

You can learn how to create your own pages by reading the guide section of About Akvopedia, or if you need a new page created for you, please contact us at winonaAt