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(Short overview of technology)
The history of a technology, where it was developed, where it was first applied, expert organizations, groups. What social conditions are relevant for the use of the technology.

Suitable conditions

In which conditions the technology can be applied. For example: depth of water table, soil type, number of users, etc.

Advantages Disadvantages/limitations
- Advantages

- Even more advantages.


-More disadvantages
-Even more disadvantages

Construction, operations and maintenance

How the technology is constructed and what the principles of its functioning are.

How people interact with the technology to make it perform its function. Information on the Maintenance of the technology, what skills are needed. Information on how the technology can be manufactured, what skills are needed.


Information on known suppliers of the technology.


The cost of the implementation of the technology. Preferably, a split between capital cost, operating cost, replacement cost, estimated 5 year cost.

Field experiences

Experiences with the technology in different countries.

Manuals, videos and links

  • Links to manuals describing how to make or implement the technology described.
  • Links to movies on the technology on, for example, youtube.
  • Links to relevant websites


Acknowledge your source documents or websites, and also list references to literature used for the information in this page.