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Commercial elevated tank made and provided by Galaxy.

The Galaxy

The GALAXY™ range of elevated water storage tanks with capacities of up to 250 000 litres can be elevated to a height of up to 10 metres.

The GALAXY™ range of elevated tanks uses specially engineered galvanized platform stand designed to meet most elevation requirements of up to 10 metres with a maximum elevated capacity of 250 000 litres.

These tanks as especially suited to areas where electricty is difficult to access or unreliable which makes using an electrical pump an unsuitable optoin to achieve the correct pressure needed for specialized applications.

The GALAXY™ range of elevated tanks and stands are field erected, meaning transportation and installation can be managed even in difficult and hard to reach areas. Our field erected construction technique also allows benefits in transportation of the tanks, where most tanks will 'knock-down' to less than 10% of their overall installed size.

The AQUALINER™ water storage liner used in the GALAXY™ elevated water tanks is approved by the World Health Organization for storage of potable water supply and NSF/ANSI 61 certified, NSF Certified Drinking Water System Components.

A proven product across international markets, the GALAXY™ range of tanks has been widely accepted and refined over time and harsh conditions to meet the needs of the market. Confidence in the product is backed by a limited 10-year warranty.

Pioneer are leaders in water storage quality and technology worldwide.

To inquire or purchase

Contact a local agent or phone the national headquarters at +64 0860 482 657 (New Zealand).

Abeco tanks

Elevated steel water tank. Photo: Abeco

Elevated Steel Water Tanks

The manufacturing process makes the material immensely strong which will secure a long design life with minimal maintenance. These tanks are ideal to keep clean water clean and are used for drinking water, rain water and industrial water supply which require pure water. They are similar to fibre glass tanks just much stronger with smooth inner and outer surface thus no algae and bacterial growth inside the tanks. They do not corrode like steel water storage tanks or crack like concrete tanks.

Suitable conditions

Abeco tanks are very rugged but can be transported and installed using basic equipment and manual labour. Several thousand tanks have been supplied throughout the Southern African region.

Tank advantages:

  • Safe hygienic water storage
  • Unaffected by ultra violet or light penetration
  • Rugged and simple design
  • Transportable to remote locations
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Reduced project lead time from initialization to completion
  • Access to restricted places
  • Apart from cold water applications Abeco Tanks are also supplied for:
    • Hot water
    • Fuels
    • Effluent
    • Corrosive Liquids

To inquire or purchase

Alternative website:

6A Bradford Road
South Africa

Telephone Number:
+27 (0)11 616-7999

Fax Number:
+27 (0)11 616-8355