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Child-friendly schools have good sanitation. Photo: UNICEF.

The Child Friendly Schools (CFS) Manual underscores the notion that to be truly child-friendly a school must have:

  • Accessible, gender-appropriate toilets and hand-washing facilities
  • Access to potable drinking water
  • Solid waste management with proper boundaries
  • The school must also teach children appropriate hygiene practices.

This module explores various options for effectively implementing a WASH in Schools programme. A dynamic engagement of CFS principles to evaluate their feasibility and applicability in the country context will determine appropriate options for each school. Considering available resources, physical conditions, existing capacity and opportunities for change will yield a variety of solutions.

In essence, WASH in Schools is a pathway to healthier schools and healthier, better performing children. Key CFS principles and desired features should be used as guides for interventions, stimulating discussion and creativity for the development of sustainable WASH in Schools programmes. These programmes must then be adapted to the practical realities of the school and its surrounding community.

Field experiences

The following projects work with how hygiene and sanitation in schools are supportive to children's success.

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RSR Project 1349
Safe water
for Wajir
RSR Project 1365
Facilities Ibbagamuwa school Sri Lanka
RSR Project 822
in Monrovia
RSR Project 823
Child Friendly School
WASH Project
RSR Project 933
Accelerating Sanitation and Water for All 1
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RSR Project 1112
Child Friendly School WASH Project II
RSR Project 1374
Integrated Community
Water and Hygiene

Manuals, videos and links

  • WASH in Schools - Water, sanitation and hygiene education in schools, WASH-in-Schools – is a program which provides safe drinking water, improves sanitation facilities and promotes good health outcomes.  We have the pleasure to inform you that the Global Partnership for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Schools (WASH-in-Schools) is now a reality, supporting the common vision of a world where all children go to school and all schools provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment where children grow, learn and thrive. 

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