Central Water Commission

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Central Water Commission, Govt. of India
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Location: New Delhi, India
Type: Governmental organisation
Class: Central
Key work: Research,
river management,
water project planning
Website: www.cwc.nic.in

The Central Water Commission is a technical organization in the field of Water Resources. It is presently functioning as an attached office of the [ww.xxx.in Ministry of Water Resources], Government of India. The Commission is assigned with the general responsibilities of initiating, coordinating and furthering in consultation for the State Governments concerned. It is thus entrusted with the coordination of schemes for control, conservation and utilization of water resources throughout the country, for purpose of flood control, irrigation, navigation, drinking water supply and water power development. It also undertakes the investigations, construction and execution of any such schemes as required.

The work of the Commission is divided among 3 wings namely, Designs and Research Wing (D&R), River Management Wing (RM) and Water Planning and Projects Wing (WP&P).

Main activities

  • Surveys, investigations,designs, schemes and construction work for the development of river valleys
  • Advise and assist the State Governments
  • Collect, maintain and publish statistical data relating to water resources
  • Training of Indian Engineers in India and abroad in all aspects of river valley development
  • Standardization of instruments, methods of observation and record, materials for construction, design and operation of irrigation projects

External links

Indian Central Water Commission website