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In general the Akvopedia uses the Wikipedia Naming conventions.

Structural naming conventions

The nature of the MediaWiki software, which the Akvopedia uses, means that the names used to name pages in the wiki creates an implicit structure of the content. Learn more about the Akvopedia namespaces.


Examples of structural naming conventions are:

Recreated documents and reports

The general rule is that documents and publications are not reproduced as a whole inside of the Akvopedia. However, in some instances this may still be something which we want to do. For example if the publication is accessed a lot in part and hard to get access to. Generally the publication should be linked to where it resides on an external site with a link.

To keep the Akvopedia namespace from becoming cluttered up we have to have a structure for documents and reports which are reproduced in the Akvopedia. For documents and reports we will use a prefix of Publication: with the name of the publication, in full, behind the colon. Then there will be a second colon to separate chapters from the main publication.

Example: Publication:Keep it working
Example: Publication:Keep it working:Chapter 1