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December 20, 2015
Water trucks bring relief to parched North West
"These trucks are much cheaper compared to what government is spending on tenders for water tankering," Mokonyane said.
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December 15, 2015
Ethiopia seeks assistance as El Nino disaster widens
The donations are also urgently needed to provide over 5.8 million people with water, health and sanitation, and more than 2.1 million people with nutrition including 400,000 severely malnourished children.
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December 11, 2015
Gutu, Mberengwa rural boast improved WASH
Murisi is one of the many people in Gutu who now boast of owning an upgradable blair ventilated pit latrine (UBVPL), thanks to the WASH programme that is currently taking place in the area.
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December 9, 2015
UN agencies launch $1.98 billion humanitarian appeal for Africa’s crises-hit Sahel region
According to OCHA estimates, in 2016, nearly 23.5 million people, or almost one in six, will not have enough to eat, of which at least 6 million will require emergency food assistance, and about 5.9 million children under five years of age will be threatened by acute malnutrition, impacting their lives and development.
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October 4, 2015
Renewed violence in Central African Republic halts life-saving humanitarian work
Local and international humanitarian agencies have been forced to stop providing life-saving services to thousands of Central Africans, as a result of escalating violence in the capital, Bangui.