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Welcome, bienvenue and bienvenido to Akvopedia!

Welcome to Akvopedia, the open water and sanitation resource that anyone can edit. We strive to improve water and sanitation projects through knowledge exchange on smart and affordable technical solutions and effective approaches. Akvopedia now contains 1,075 articles primarily in English, including some in French and Spanish. Akvopedia is hosted and managed by Akvo Foundation.

Water Portal

Water Portal
The Water Portal contains information on water collection, pumping and transportation, storage, treatment, and use of water.

Sanitation Portal

Sanitation Portal
The Sanitation Portal contains information on toilets, collection, transportation, treatment, use of products, hygiene, and training materials.

Finance Portal

Finance Portal
The Finance Portal contains information on the costs needed to finance, how to finance these costs, and how to monitor finance.

Sustainability Portal

Sustainability Portal
The Sustainability Portal contains information on numerous sustainability frameworks, tools, and methods, using the F.I.E.T.S approach.

Decision & Assessment Tools - NEW!

Decision & Assessment Tools
Decision & Assessment Tools contain several tools, assessments, or kits that aid in the implementation of water and sanitation projects in an easier way.

What's happening now

Rainwater harvesting map.png

Make a personalized GIS rainwater harvesting map
We have teamed up with RAIN to create three new rainwater harvesting (RWH) tools in Akvopedia. One of these is called the Rainwater Harvesting GIS Map. You can follow three steps to create a RWH map to see optimal places of rainwater collection in your area. The other tools, Rain is Gain Tool and WASH Environmental Sustainability Assessment, help you to both assess your water needs/supply and make sure your WASH project is environmentally sustainable, respectively.

More news

  • NEW Malayalam Page: മഴവെള്ള സംഭരണം - We now have a new Indian language translator! He will be helping us in the Water Portal to translate pages into Malayalam, Hindi, and Tamil. We hope this will enable our Indian users to gain much water and sanitation knowledge and find valuable help and resources for their projects. We have started with a translation for our Rainwater Harvesting page with the alternative language links at the bottom of the page. More to come!
Decisions main.png
  • NEW PORTAL: Decision & Assessment Tools -Introducing a new Akvopedia portal to guide our users through critical water and sanitation choices. The Decision & Assessment Tools portal has 21 tools, some of which originate from our other portals and some brand new to Akvopedia, consolidated into the new portal for convenience. With so much information on the web coming from the thousands of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) organisations around the world, users need to know how best to navigate the information stream.
IWRM photo.png
  • NEW ARTICLE PAGE: Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) - IWRM is based on the understanding that water resources are an integral component of the ecosystem, a natural resource, and a social and economic good. Managers, whether in the government or private sectors, have to make difficult decisions on water allocation. More and more they have to apportion diminishing supplies between ever-increasing demands. Drivers such as demographic and climatic changes further increase the stress on water resources.

Translated pages

National flags.png

We are proud to announce our new Akvopedia Translations program! We have started our language program with translators for French, Spanish, 3 Indian languages (Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil), Korean, Chinese, and Japanese, with many more to come. See the upper right of our English page for the different language flags.

Contributing to Akvopedia

Share your news and knowledge on water and sanitation by contributing articles to the Akvopedia. We've used the same conventions as the well-known online resource Wikipedia, so adding and editing articles is quick and easy to learn. This graphical guide will get you started; more detailed information about editing wiki articles is available in the help pages: Help:Contents

Editorial support

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Do you have quality content that you would like to contribute to Akvopedia, but lack the time or resources to upload it? Akvopedia offers free limited editorial services and always appreciates suggestions and links to expand our WASH wiki. Please contact our editor Winona Azure at winonaAt Thank you for visiting!