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tanks in new


Bissau -

Balanta Tank

In the new suburbs of Bissau there is a big need for water storage, to be used for drinking and for constructions with cement. On the pictures, you see a 5000 litre water tank constructed by De Gevulde Waterkruik, filled with water transported by a big tank lorry. The local costs of the so called Balanta Tank are about € 250, 00.

More information you find in the website: degevuldewaterkruik.nl

Kind regards,

- P

Balanta tank 1.jpg

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In sierra leone, EWB have just completed a tank in a pilot RWH project and we now need to put in use during the present rainy season. The next challenge is, what next? in terms storing, use and maintenance? any help from the team?

We hope to scale-up if we succeed.

Some pictures taken of the current tank.

- M

Sierra Leone

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Completed Tank showing waste pipe.jpg

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Dear M, Here you'll find our Manual in English language.

good luck,

- P

MANUAL BALNTATANK in English language.pdf