Rainwater Harvesting Studies - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand and Vietnam

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- Kenya,




and Vietnam

Dear All,

As a Happy New Year wish please let me raise your awareness of the information on rainwater harvesting experiences from 20 countries, including in field work in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Thailand and Vietnam. This is all part of the work in Relief International/Enterprise Works Project to develop a new rainwater harvesting technology - the Bob, in Uganda.

Wishing you interesting reading and harvesting for 2014!


- K

The bob rainwater bag

Thank you K for emailing that out. I am glad that people are finding the information interesting. My name is T and I work at Relief International in the EnterpriseWorks Division on the bob project. If anyone has any questions or wants to discuss, don't hesitate to reach out to me.

The project to develop and market a convenient and affordable rainwater harvesting technology in Uganda has closed but we are now expanding internationally with the bob bag. We have already partnered with over a dozen organizations to test units around the world and are looking for more. If you would like more information regarding that opportunity just send me an email (email on Dgroups site).

Happy Reading

- T