One picture of rainwater harvest - Nicoya, Costa Rica

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One picture

of rainwater

harvest -


Costa Rica

hello everybody, i send a picture of rain water harvest in Nicoya, Costa Rica, this experience was development in 2012, with little farmer in the mountains of Nicoya.

- A

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Hallo Everybody,

Here I sent you 3 pictures of RWH in Guinea-Bissau, the calabash tank and how to fill it.

kind regards,

- P

Okt.2014 Guinee-bissau 051.JPG

Okt.2014 Guinee-bissau 027.JPG


What an elegant tank! And its curved wall-to-base joint that should reduce the peak stress at that point. The conical lid (lift-on?) adds to the appearance. This is necessarily a high tank. For low (i.e. 3/4 submerged) tanks the potential as 'garden furniture' or seating in the compound is even greater. A 30cm high square surround wall, with gravel or flowerbed infill and cement-tile capping, looks good, too.

- T

Hi P,

Great calabash indeed.

Would that be a kind of mosquito net above the tank to sieve water. How large is the collection surface?

Please send some photos that can show how the water is harvested.

Kind regards,

- E

Hi Elias,

Thank you for your reaction.

You do not need to filter rainwater, just cover the manhole with a piece of textile. The blue sheet is plastic, about 2x3m. Enough, because 2 meter rainfall in Guinea Bissau.

Much more information you find in the PDF Manual at the website (see right).

Kind regards,

- P