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Location: Sweden
Type: NGO
Class: Implementing orgainisation
Key work: Akvo platform,
Information distribution

GreenOcean is a non-profit un-incorporated organisation started in 2002 that provides information about sustainable energy, food and water production. GreenOcean is one of the co-founders of Akvo and the founder of GreenOcean, Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson, is also the founder of Akvo.

GreenOcean runs OTEC News, founded in 2001, the only dedicated news source focused on Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC). GreenOcean also has for several years been working with the revolutionary horticultural technology Seawater Greenhouse, which allows for vegetable production in hot arid coastal regions using only seawater and sunshine.

The people behind GreenOcean have backgrounds in Internet technology and knowledge management entrepreneurship that go back 20 years, and are perfectly poised to marry the concepts and methods behind the open source movement with water and sanitation solutions for the developing world.

Main activities

  • Promoting sustainable energy, food and water production
  • Innovates around internet technology usage for the water and sanitation development aid sector
  • Business development for sustainable horticulture