Commercial rainwater harvesting / Uso comercial de las agua de lluvia

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/ Uso


de las agua

de lluvia
Dear all / Queridos todos,

If you are interested to see the roll of the private commercial companies in rainwater harvesting, you can find in the attachment an initiative that come from the Peruvian Amazon. They want to sell rainwater in the most exigent market in Peru and Latin America. I am curious to see how it going to work out. But also I would like to start thinking about the role of private commercial companies in promoting and harvesting rainwater. There are little experiences about the enrollment of the private companies in rainwater harvesting up to know. Maybe it can be a great option also to see them like an option to promote rainwater harvesting as a mechanism to access to water, at least in the areas where the State in not there.

Estimados cosechadores de agua de lluvia. Aquí les comparto una iniciativa de cosecha de agua de lluvia que viene desde el lado comercial. Awazonas es una iniciativa del sector privado que planea embotellar agua de lluvia para vender a los mercados más exigentes de Perú y América Latina. La planta estará ubicada en el corazón de la Amazonía peruana - entre dos grandes áres protegidas de Tingomaria. Esto me conduce a pensar en el roll que tendría el sector privado en la promoción de cosecha de agua de lluvia y el rol que le tocaría para construir canales de acceso a agua en los sectores donde no llega ni el Estado, ni las ONGs.

Cheers, Saludos,

- E


Dear colleagues,

I would like to present to you a number of publications authored by Erik-Nissen Petersen covering a wide range of subjects that pertain to rainwater harvesting from dams, rock catchments, roof catchments et cetera. For any inquiries you can contact him (email is on Dgroups site).

Kind regards,

- A

Looking for clean water.pdf
How to find water in farmland-JV.docx
Getting water from rocks.pdf
And the dam came tumbling down.pdf
Money down the drain.pdf
A success story.pdf
Manual on bricks and blocks.pdf