Biochar: skyscrapers for soil biota and much more

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for soil

biota and

much more

Dear All,

We happily announce a new book on Biocharculture, based on the work of Sai Bhaskar Reddy. Biochar is charcoal that is used for other purposes than heating. It makes a contribution on many fronts: it improves the capacity of the soil to retain moisture but also nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. It helps regulate soil temperature and contribute to climate change mitigation. It improves soil life – with pieces of biochar serving as ‘skyscrapers for millions of soil biota’. All this contributes to higher water and land productivity. Biochar can also be used for many other functions.

For free hard copies please write to: author (email is on Dgroups site)

Kind regards,

MetaMeta Team


Do you think this biochar could be used in slow sand filters to remove fluoride from drinking water? Charred bone or corn husks have been used so I'm hoping this might be applicable too.


- L