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<< The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) for the Northern Coast of Central Java

In the scheme below an overview is given of the institutions that are relevant for ICZM in Central Java. Top down coordination is often organized well. However horizontal coordination seems to be challenging at times. All sectoral departments make their own legislation and sometimes this causes gaps and overlaps (e.g. addressing an area as conservation or development area). Regarding water several coordination mechanisms are in place such as the river basin water resources management coordination team, a council with city and district coordination a watershed forum and not specifically for water the provincial spatial planning coordination team. ICZM related themes are discussed here however they do not reach the full spectrum of what ICZM entails.

ICZM North Coast Java Institutional overview.png

Victor Coenen (Witteveen+Bos), Susan Arts (TwynstraGudde, Jaap de Heer (TwynstraGudde), Mugy Grimwaldy (Bita Bina Semesta) and Henni Hendarti (Deltares), 30-9-2021

Final content report Integrated Coastal Zone Management for the Central Java Province