RWH in Brazil - semi-arid areas of North East Brazil

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RWH in


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East Brazil
Dear all,

I was triggered by T’s remark about reaching scale and K’s document on Brazilian lime-plaster tanks.

In the library of this platform (next to the discussions tab) i have uploaded a study recently carried out by Han Heijnen on RWH practices in Brazil, commissioned by RAIN. The goal of this assignment was to study the effectiveness and scope for replication of the P1MC and P1+2 Programmes to other areas of the world.

It gives an overview of the P1MC programme (one million tank programme to ensure water security for poor households in remote areas in the Northeast of Brazil) and the P1+2 programme (one piece of land and 2 sources of water) and the RWH technologies in use in the semi-arid areas of Northeast Brazil. It also deals with water uses and cross-cutting issues like knowledge management, training and documentation and the document finalises with some conclusions and recommendations.

I am currently following up on this study with Han, but if any of you have comments or ideas in the meantime - you are very welcome! Best regards,

- R

Rainwater Harvesting in North Eastern Brazil.pdf

Dear All,

This is I from RHCC Nepal. I have joined in late but I see that interesting issues have come up in the last week. I am happy to be part of this group and look forward to sharing and learning with/from you all.

But for the basics of this sharing tool, I would like to know whether an archive of the discussions and reports being maintained and if so how can we participants/others access it?

- I

Dear All,

I like to be part of this team. I am from Ethiopia working as coordinator of small scale irrigation in one of the regions. I have few activities in regard to rainwater management. Also few exercise on community facilitation for better beneficiary engagement of projects.

I hope I will get insights and experiences from this team.


- M

Dear I (and others),

Regarding your questions on archiving discussions and reports:

- the tab Archived under Discussions will show all Discussions that have been archived. As we've recently started our community, we haven't moved any Discussions yet to this section but I guess we will in the future

- the tab Library shows all uploaded reports by our members, i.e. the document that has been uploaded by Robert Meerman. In general: you can upload reports - presentations - datasets - links - photos to the Library. Basically : any type of document or link you want to share

- so besides embedding a link and/or attaching a document in your contribution, you can also separately upload this to the Library (as this doesn't happen " automatically")

- on a regular basis we will screen the discussions on links, reports etc. and upload them to the Library so that you don't have to scroll through all the individual contributions

- we will get back to you with some (simple) advice on tagging documents within the Library so that you can find what you are looking for in an easy way.

Perhaps one last thing: Dgroups isn’t really designed for document storage but just for ad hoc sharing. For more a more organised file library it is probably best to visit the Rain for Food Security website that will be launched at the end of this month or RWSN websites and then the documents can also reach a wider audience.

Kind regards and looking forward to your contributions.

- H