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I am wondering if anyone has used this Android App for your projects: Rainwater Harvesting Tool - SamSamWater'"

Did it work well?

- D

I am trying it. When internet connectivity was available, it worked once.

1. It requires internet connectivity. That's dumb! Internet connectivity is not always available especially away from the urban areas.

2. First step is selecting the location. GPS pinpointed my location. But I could not proceed to step two.

Solution: Allow users to download rainfall totals, and allow them to use the data when the internet is not available. If it can not work without internet connectivity, it is useless!

- W

Hi Folks,

This is I from Nepal. I have been closely following the discussions which are extremely fruitful indeed.

On the use of android phones, yes we are using it in Nepal as well especially for data compilation as well as monitoring. Yes we too faced challenges of internet connectivity and GPS identification. However we have to an extent managed to drift by. We now manage to collect the data despite internet connectivity and link it to the computer when connectivity permits. Agreed this does not allow optimal use of the otherwise very helpful/useful tool.

Would be great to share more experiences on the use of this tool. Anyone else on board????

- I

Is there a way to save the results directly to your device? What is the app sharing? On facebook, it showed a logo and the total demand. And on twitter, the shortened url took you to a report without any demand data.

- W

In the system that we use presently we save the data in the memory card that is in the mobile.

- I

Dear All,

I hadn't followed the Android App correspondence as I have no device using android or experience of installing telephone applications in a laptop. (I've also found that 'smart' phones make rather poor telephones and so have given them up.)

However it may be useful to remind members of a 10-year old RWH tank-sizing / performance programme available at Rainwater tank performance calculator.‎ It calculates 3 performance measures for one of three operating strategies, an adjustable daily demand and 3 (adjustable) tank sizes. Rainfall input is as 10 years of monthly rainfalls for the location; however mean rainfall for each month can be entered 10 times to give a less accurate prediction.

- T

Hi I,

Are you using the native Rainwater Harvesting Tool to save the data (results)? Are are your using a generic app to save the results?

If you can, please let me how you are saving the results. Thanks.

- W

Hi All,

Yes as A states we are using the FLOW system developed by Akvo. Please provide more information on what the Android system is being used for and we can continue with the discussions on the utility.

- I

Dear all,

I’m happy to see you are using our app!

Let me first introduce myself and our organization: I’m S, hydrologist and chairman of the SamSamWater Foundation. We are the developers of this app since we noticed that it is difficult to properly dimension rainwater harvesting systems.

The tool (on both our website and Android App) is only recently finished and might therefore have some issues or potential improvements.

I’m happy to assist anyone if you have any troubles using the tool. If you have suggestions for improvement: let me know, so we can update the tool!

Some answers to questions raised here:

- Internet connectivity is required to get rainfall data from a global database. Unfortunately this database is too big to include in the installation, so therefore internet connectivity remains necessary.

- Some users have issues that after they marked a location on the first step they cannot proceed to step 2. I’ve had that once too, but after that it didn’t happen again. I’ll try to find out why this is happening sometimes. Please try to click on another location (somewhere nearby) and click next, this might solve it. Let me know if this works!

- On the sharing of the results: what would you like to share and in which ways? We will try to incorporate that.

- On saving the results: in the internet version of the tool you can use the URL to share/save the results. For example: SamSamWater Rainwater Harvesting Tool - sample

So if you have any other questions or suggestion, please let me know!

SamSamWater Foundation

Contact information on Dgroups.

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