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Photo: CARE

The Vibrant Water Self-Assessment is a tool for identifying strengths and weaknesses within a given country's water+ work. It evaluates how water+ work relates to all three areas of poverty: human condition, social position and enabling environments as well as other elements deemed necessary for "vibrancy" within the water+ sector.

If you are in a country office that is seeking to initiate a discussion on water+, we invite you to take the Assessment and inform us that you are doing so. It will also tell you how well your work measures up to that of other CARE countries. We will follow up with guidance, resources, and recommendations for improvement and connect you with countries that have done interesting work.

Take the Assessment

Who's Taken the Vibrant Water Self Assessment?

This table indicates which countries have taken the assessment, where they score relative to others, and what their self identified areas of expertise/experience are. The purpose of the assessment is mainly to encourage reflection, spur improvement and provide a baseline for future changes, however, as a benchmarking tool, it can also help countries assess where they are relative to others. The scores provided below (out of a maximum of 5 waterdrops) are derived from each country's self assessment of achievements. They do not reflect the complexity of each country's water programming but do provide a sense of relative strength.

Countries are encouraged to contact one another directly or through the water team for questions related to the areas of experience/expertise outlined below.

Vibrant table.png