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Like all wikis using the MediaWiki software, the Akvopedia has eighteen built-in namespaces: the main namespace, where page names have no prefix, and seventeen auxiliary types, each with its own prefix. In addition, there are two custom namespaces, with their own prefixes.

For more information on the use of namespaces in the Akvopedia see the article Akvopedia:Naming conventions

Basic namespaces


The main namespace or namespace is the Akvopedia proper. It is the default namespace and does not use a prefix.

Example: Rope pump.

Akvopedia (Project)

The Akvopedia project namespace (prefix Akvopedia:, also called the Akvopedia namespace) is a namespace that provides information about Akvopedia and how to use it. The page you are now reading is located in the project namespace.

Example: Akvopedia:Privacy policy.


The portal namespace (prefix Portal:) is for reader-oriented portals that help readers find and browse through articles related to a specific subject.

Example: Portal:Water.


The image namespace (prefix Image:, also called image description pages) is a namespace that provides info about images and sound clips, one page for each, with a link to the image or sound clip itself. There are three versions of links to images and sound files:

  1. [[Image:Foobar.jpg]] will insert the image directly into the page (not for sound files)
  2. [[Media:Foobar.jpg]] will make a text link directly to the image or sound clip
  3. [[:Image:Foobar.jpg]] will make a text link to the image description page

Example: Image:Rope pump.PNG.


The Help namespace contains Help pages.

Example: Help:Getting Started.

Talk namespaces

Except for special pages, each namespace has an associated talk namespace. The talk namespaces are designated by adding talk: to the normal prefix. For example, the talk namespace associated with the main article namespace has the prefix Talk:, while the talk namespace associated with the user namespace has the prefix User talk:. Most of the pages in the talk namespaces are used to discuss changes to the corresponding page in the associated namespace. Pages in the user talk namespace are used to leave messages for a particular user. The user talk namespace is special in that, whenever a user's talk page is edited, that user (if logged-in) will see a box saying "You have new messages" on the top every page that they view until they visit their talk page.

For more information

For a more general description about the namespaces and their use, see the Wikipedia article on Namespace.