3.1 Coastal Management Plans

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<< The Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) for the Northern Coast of Central Java

<< Analysis of Coastal Spatial Plan

Policy No 22/1999 was revised by the law No 32/2004 marine and coastal area in Indonesia and the Law No 27/2007 on management of coastal areas and small islands, meaning a decentralization of the governing of the coastal area. The recent policy of government to pursue sustainable maritime development in Indonesia has resulted in the introduction of coastal spatial management plan which are decentralized to Provincial government as an extension of central government, included in this plan are the following tier of plans:

• RSWP3K, Rencana Strategis Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau Pulau Kecil (Coastal Area and Small Islands Strategic Plan)

• RZWP3K, Rencana Zonasi Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau Pulau Kecil (Coastal Area and Small Islands Zoning Plan)

• RPWP3K, RencanaPengelolaan Wilayah PesisirdanPulau-Pulau Kecil (Coastal Area and Small Islands Management Plan)

• RAPWP3K, Rencana Aksi Pengelolaan Wilayah Pesisir dan Pulau-Pulau Kecil (Coastal Area and Small Islands Management Action Plan)

Position of these plans in the regional development plan can be illustrated as follows:

Position of WP3K in the Development Planning System
Regarding coastal planning, a review of existing planning documents was carried out from the national spatial planning plan to the RZWP3K plan by Central Java, described in the sub- chapter: 4.2 National Spatial Plan